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July 2, 2004
We striped out the interior because the car spent its last couple of years on a farm and was full of rodent stuff (poo, skeletons, nests...).  You can checkout where we started here.

July 10, 2004
We have spent the time since the last update cleaning out the car.  We got some brushes, Simple Green and a hose and have been scrubbing away at the bare interior.  We've even been flooding various parts of the car to get out nests and stuff.  Click here for more.

July 24, 2004
We did a bunch.  We treated for smell.  The seats were installed.  We painted dash pieces and put most of the dash together.  We finished the Holley rebuild and re-installed it too.  Now comes the fun part, trying to get this thing to run...

The carpet arrived and was installed.  We bought some Mylar heat and sound damping pad and some adhesive to glue it down.  Next we sized the carpet and cut it to fit.

August 2004 - Interior & Dash
We got the seats installed and most of the dash.  We had custom paint made to match the color we selected for graphics later.  We used it to paint some of the dash pieces that we didn't paint black.
Pictures coming...
May 19th, 2005 - Summer 2006
z00m-ZooM.  In the road and breaking it in...  See the new pictures too!
We were able to take to the road for the first public undertaking at the NW Rotor Rally in 2005 and 2006. At the 2006 event we actually entered in the festivities and was able to put it on the dyno.
Current Status
The dyno was nice to see

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