The description of what we are currently doing.


z00m-ZooM, it purrs like a kitten (or maybe better said, roars like a Lion). It is on the road and breaking it in...  But the Dyno was more than it could take. We ran 3 identical pulls, but the time it sat on the farm was as hard on the seals as we expected.

We have confirmed that the motor is a "old school" 4-port (from a RX-4 or REPU). Well, I was able to find and buy a new rebuilt motor from a local who was liquidating. The plan is to swap the motors. Then I will rebuild the current old one with EFI and maybe a turbo.
More on that when we get there...

Update 11/11/2011: Still working on other required projects with family, house and shop. I have not been able to finish and clear out the shop to make room for the swap and required finishing interior. It has been so long, that I may start over (since I will be swapping the engine) and repaint the whole car.

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