July 24, 2004

We have been scrubbing and the odor is mostly gone.  We have enzyme stuff made for removing animal odor from waste.  The one in particular was bought at PETsMART, called PetZyme.  We have used it in the house and it works well, so we thought we would try it.

We painted the dash with a Flexible paint made for plastic and vinyl.  It looks like new.  We cleaned up the dash frame and painted it with a rust inhibiter from the nesting spots.

Our parts car has the heater/blower unit that we plan to remove and use it.  We are now waiting for the carpet to arrive and we will put it in first.

The carpet is on it's way.  The seats (both of them) arrived today (YEAH! :-)  The Holley is shining and waiting re-assembly.

Our Task-List:



  • Rebuild Holley

  • Re-install Holley

  • Get Wire Loom for wires.  (to be painted later)

  • Get New Battery

  • Put in wiring Harness
  • Replace Fuel pump wire (the only one mice ate)
  • Lay new Carpet
  • Get Heater/Air system from parts car installed.
  • Install Dash system. (Frame and top)
  • Install new seats. (Sliders may need work)

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