August 2004
Interior and Dash

We painted the dash with a Flexible paint made for plastic and vinyl.  We also selected a custom color for exterior graphics later and had it mixed for use on plastic and vinyl.  It looks like new.  We cleaned up the dash frame and painted it with a rust inhibiter from the nesting spots.

Our parts car has the heater/blower unit that we installed.  We also had a bout with the seats and installed them too.

The Holley
The Holley is shining and re-assembled.  We installed it on the car and started it up.  It runs pretty bad.  It's running way to rich.  I have spoken to Racing Beat about what to try.  I reset the floats and idle speed, but it is still too rich.  I am convinced that I can't rebuild carbs.  Been there, did that...  At least I can say I tried.

I have just found a local shop to rebuild it for me.  I should have it back next week and install it.

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