The description of what we are currently doing.


z00m-ZooM, it purrs like a kitten (or maybe better said, roars like a Lion). It is on the road and breaking it in...  We have been driving it since last summer and it is running better that ever.

We are planning to have the interior stuff done in time for the 06 NW Rotor Rally and also plan to put it on the dyno.


  • Our Immediate plans:
  • Recreate passenger side seat mount.
  • Doing/finishing the headliner
  • Completing the interior trim pieces
  • Some paint & touch-up throughout
  • Door panels (making new ones)
  • A sub-box and the rear area is being planned
  • For the future, we are planning:
  • A new exhaust system (Header to tip)
  • New shocks and springs (with a drop)


  • We are thinking of locating an '85 GSL-SE body to use as donor and upgrade.
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