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Here are some of the Resources we found or used for the project.

JC Whitney (Checkout JC Whitney Carpeting)

JC Whitney is your best source for everything automotive, including your truck, motorcycle, RV, ATV, and motor home.  Whatever you need for your wheels, JC Whitney has it.

  • The widest selection of parts and accessories available anywhere online

  • Eighty years’ experience delivering quality products to customers’ doors

  • Exceptional pricing on everything for your used or new vehicle

800 Series We found a brand new Full carpet kit with padding here by ACS. It was the best price available anywhere!

800 Series Cut Pile Carpet - A 100% nylon loop carpet similar to what is found in most domestic cars since 1974. 800 series cut pile is perfect for late model restoration and fix up. Available in 53 OEM colors.

Buy and sell vehicles, parts and accessories online on eBay Motors

We bought these seats for the car.

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