1st Generation RX-7 History

1st Generation Models manufactured:

Year Japan US Australia UK
79 X605 S, GS Series I Mark I
80 X605 S, GS, LS (Leather Sport) Series I Mark I
81-82 P815 S, GS, GSL Series II Mark II
83 P815 S, GS, GSL, Special Ed. Series II Mark II
84-85 P815, P132 * S?, GS, GSL, GSL-SE (13B) Series III Mark III

* P132 was the designation for the 12A Turbo available only in Japan.

GSL Model
This began in 1980 (part of P815 run) as the "Leather Sport", 2500 units, and became the GSL in 1981. In Canada, this was known as the GX.

Series II
In 1981 they were restyled, most visibly in the rear.

A stop-gap version appeared in July 1982, the P130, with an improved engine for better fuel economy. A high output audio system was an option. It was called "Black Dynamite".

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